2014 Expedition Dates

Please see the dates listed below for our expeditions. If none of these dates fit your schedule, and you already have a team of 2 people, tell us when you can GO, and we will try to accommodate your dates and work with you on destinations that are available for those dates.  Please contact us to learn more about the locations and other details concerning our expeditions!

Winter 2014 Expedition - Expeditions Full!

February 15 – March 1, 2014

Deadline for Signup – December 15, 2013

Spring 2014 Expeditions – Expeditions Full!

March 29 – April 12, 2014

Deadline for Signup – February 1, 2014

Summer 2013 Expeditions – Expeditions Full!

June 21 – July 5, 2014

Deadline for Signup – April 15, 2014

Late Summer 2014 Expedition – Expedition Full!

August 2 – August 16, 2014

Deadline for Signup – June 1, 2014

Fall 2014 Expeditions – Doctor still needed!

September 6 – September 20, 2014

Deadline for Signup – July 30, 2014

2015 Dates Coming Soon!

To sign up for the expedition please enter your name and email address in the form below and we will contact you concerning your preferences.

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Expedition Teams

Our teams consist of both medical and non-medical participants who travel in small, individualized teams to far isolated regions to places where most do not want or care to go. Every team works with a local church in the region. Each team consists of 4-6 people (2-3 foreigners and 2-3 translators).

Although each team has medical participants, you do not need to have medical experience to join us!  Agape needs non-medical people who will GO on these medical teams to share the Love of God with these unreached people.  Many people think they could never go on a short-term expedition. We hear people say, “I could never do that.” The truth is you can!  When you obey Jesus, He gives you the desire and the strength to do everything He has called you to do.

What is the benefit to our expedition participants?   While on our inter-denominational expeditions, working as a team we encourage and support one another in our journey with Jesus Christ and attempt to reflect what it is to live in communion as sisters and brothers in Christ.  It truly can be a life changing event that draws you into a deeper relationship with our Lord.

Travel during Expeditions

The teams travel by trains, airplanes, private cars, and public transportation. In some cases, you may even travel by horse sleigh, snow mobile, reindeer sleigh, 6×6 trucks, or river boat!


Once you arrive in your designated area, you will be able to share your medical knowledge and skills by promoting healthy lifestyles and consulting with people concerning their ongoing medical problems. For these people, a simple aspirin often makes the difference between a day of pain or a day without it. Agape will provide locally approved medicines, medical instructions, translators, health kits, and eyeglasses for each team. Non-medical people can now be a part of each team by giving out reading glasses. We can teach you to fit reading glasses in about 30-45 minutes. It is a very rewarding experience to give eyeglasses to a person who has not been able to read or see clearly for years. During your visit, you will have a chance to encourage the church, pray with and share your faith with others. You will visit in their homes, hear stories about their life in the remote areas, and understand the persecutions of being a Christian among people who know nothing or very little about God. You will probably sympathize with the Apostle Paul as you understand the challenges these people face. The final part of the program is carried out by the local church. Agape does not work with any church that does not agree to do follow up. They must agree to return and offer Bible studies, answer questions, and continue to SHOW God’s love to people. Result: the local church grows!

Graded Expeditions

Agape has many opportunities among different unreached people groups living in very remote areas. Some areas are difficult to reach and have extreme temperatures, so we have “graded” our expeditions from easy to difficult. We have easy expeditions that are nearby, while other expeditions go literally to the “Ends of the Earth.” If you have never been on a difficult expedition with us, you will not be given the opportunity to go on the most difficult until we know you are capable of doing it.

Trip Cost

The cost for the two-week expedition is $3000 (this does not include your airfare to Europe). The expedition officially begins on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday. A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your place on the team, and the balance of the trip cost is due 8 weeks before departure.

What is Covered

Your trip fee includes: initial arrival and final departure airport transportation, all accommodations and meals during the trip dates, and all other expedition expenses. We will also provide a translator on the weekends before and after the expedition to take you touring. 

Additional Costs

Visa / LOI (Letter of Invitation)

A visa is often required for travel, and a LOI is required to apply for your visa. Once we receive your expedition application, and you have been approved, we will begin helping you through this process. Since some of our visitors already have a visa, the costs of these documents are not included in your trip fee. The LOI usually costs $150 depending on the length of your visa. After receiving your LOI, you may apply for your visa. The cost for your visa will usually run $150, but can be as much as $350 for same day processing.   We will guide you through the visa process.

Transportation to Eastern Europe

Because our team members arrive from Europe, Canada, USA, and even the Far East, our fee is based upon arrival with us at our base and does not include air/train tickets to and from the former Soviet Union. Don’t forget to take advantage of Frequent Flyer miles as you travel – you can use them to return on another expedition with Agape to the “Ends of the Earth!”

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If you are interested in joining us for an expedition, we will be happy to send you additional information and answer any further questions.

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