Medical Student ProgramThe Agape Medical Student Program offers medical students a life-changing opportunity to participate in a medical program that lasts for 1-4 weeks.  We can accommodate medical students at various times throughout the entire year, and our program is open to medical students at any level of training.

1-4 Week Program

As part of our Medical Student Program, during your stay, if circumstances permit, you will be able to visit another medical university, talk with local interns, residents, and professors, and share experiences about Western medical care. The program is flexible and “tailor-made” to suit each individual who comes to serve, depending on their level of education and skills.

Other Program Opportunities

During your time, you may also visit drug and alcohol rehab centers, truck stops, and other locations as available. In these locations, you will be working with a local doctor licensed to give free medical consultations, medicines, and eyeglasses to these needy people. Agape will arrange for transportation, translators, and medicines for the program. If time permits, you may also make some home visits to folks who are homebound and who cannot afford medical care. During your free time, there are many beautiful cultural and historic sites to see!

Program Cost

Application for the program must be made three months in advance. The cost for the program is $750 per week per person plus international airfare with a oneweek minimum stay. The program begins on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday. An initial deposit of $200 is required to reserve your space in the program, and the balance is due 8 weeks before departure.   We can only accommodate a small number of medical students at a time, so your reservation will not be confirmed until the full fee is paid.

Visa/LOI (Letter of Invitation)

A visa is often required for travel. The cost of the visa is not included in your fee, but Agape will assist you by providing you with an official letter of invitation, which costs $150 so that you may apply for your visa. Once we receive your expedition application, we will begin helping you through this process. The cost for your visa will usually run $150, but can be as much as $350 if same day processing is needed.  We will also guide you through the visa process


Everything you will need once you arrive, including airport pickup and return, food, lodging, and transportation, is included in your fee. Because we have people who come from Europe, Canada, USA, and even the Far East, our fee is based upon arrival and does not include air/train tickets to and from the region. Don’t forget to take advantage of Frequent Flyer miles as you travel – you may well need them to return on another expedition with Agape to “The Ends of the Earth.”


Our program includes lodging  at one of our guest flats with a bathroom and shower. The program includes three simple meals. It does NOT include snacks. If you want something special to eat while with us, there are often several small stores and markets nearby.

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