What we do

Russia is a vast region with diverse people groups.  According to the Joshua Project, there are 162 different people groups in Russia and 76 are still considered unreached.  Agape’s goal is to reach out to these people.  Going where no one wants to go; Helping those no one cares about; and Sharing God’s Love with everyone.  This may take us to the remote areas in Siberia and beyond, or it may be in Moscow, meeting the needs of the medically underserved in the capital city.


Going to the Tundra

Agape goes to the Tundra, Russia’s northernmost zone and a treeless, marshy plain, simply because we were invited to come and help. The journey to the Tundra takes days.   First, we travel by jet to the region and then use a 6×6 Russian monster truck to travel up to 24 hours across the Tundra.  There are no roadssometimes our progress can only be measured in inches. We continue by snowmobile to the tepees where the local people live.  Once there, we provide medications, medical consultations, health kits, and eyeglasses that are often lifesaving for the Nenet people who live on the Tundra.  Most importantly, through our actions, we are able to demonstrate God’s Love for them.  After Agape leaves, local missionaries continue the work and because of our care often find it easier to develop relationships with the Nenets.


Going to the Taiga

Agape travels to the Taiga, the worlds largest forest and an area about the size of the United States, that spans 9 times zones across Northern Russia. Here in the Taiga, people are extremely distant from the rest of the world, both geographically and communicatively. Some still speak their own ethnic language, such as Komi or Koryak.  It is to these kinds of places that Agape has been called to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  (Matthew 28:19)


Going to Southern Siberia

Agape sends medical teams to a place that is really at the end of the road!   Deep in the mountains of Southern Siberia.  Most people are shepherds who tend sheep and goats in these vast valleys.   Although the region is breathtaking and the people industrious, the closest medical help for them is often a three-day trip away, with much of the traveling done on rut filled dirt roads.

Agape has more opportunities to serve than could be met in our lifetime.  Right now,  Agape is the only medical organization doing Christian mobile medical expeditions spanning the length of Russia, literally at the “ends of the earth.”  Government and travel restrictions make mission work extremely difficult and costly, so Agape’s continued missions are critical to the conversion of Russia.   Only together we can do what God has asked us to do… take the Gospel to the “ends of the earth!” We invite you to be involved. Better yet, we invite you to come to the harvest!

Join us on an Expedition!