What we do

Agape’s mission can be summarized in three simple words – Going, Helping, and Sharing.  More specifically, our mission is to:  Go – where no one wants to go; Help – those no one cares about; and  Share – God’s love with everyone!

The former Soviet Union is a vast region with diverse people groups.  According to the Joshua Project, there are 179 different people groups in Russia alone and 90 are still considered unreached.  Agape’s goal is to reach out to these people.  This may take us to far remote areas, into inner cities, or into the classroom.  No matter where we go though our goals are the same, to meet the needs of the medically underserved and to teach others to do the same.

Agape has more opportunities to serve than could be met in our lifetime.  Agape is only one of a handful of medical organization doing Christian mobile medical expeditions in this part of the world.  Only together can we do what God has asked us to do… take the Gospel to the “ends of the earth!” We invite you to be involved. Better yet, we invite you to come to the harvest!

Join us!